About Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is a dance art form from the East, influenced by melodies from Middle Eastern Music with distinct rhythms resonating with the dancer’s every move. This captivating dance art form is fuelled by passion and a sense of fun, synonymous with festivity and celebration.

This oriental dance from the Middle East also known as Belly dance has evolved into many different styles and variations: Egyptian, Greek, Turkish, Lebanese, North African Tribal and Western Belly dance as practiced in the countries such as USA and South Africa. South African cabaret belly dance encourages audience participation and interaction. Belly dance has developed into a fusion of all the different styles with the increasingly popular use of props such as the Veil, Cane, Finger Cymbals, Isis Wings, Fire Sticks, Fan Veils, Sword, Tambourine and Candelabra. These props are commonly used for Raqs Sharqi cabaret performances where the dancer mostly incorporates these props to offer variety – however props do not form part of the authentic traditional Belly dance art form.

Belly dance is a dance for the spirit that communicates a message that is beyond the confines of society and cultures.

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