Oriental Dance and Movement for beginners by Akasha

The secret of impeccable and effortless dance is a solid foundation of clean, clear and precise technique, as well as understanding not only musical, emotional and artistic components of the interpretation, but also understanding your body, your instrument, as a performer.

As with all art forms, dance evolves, and over the years, various cultural and artistic influences have shaped Middle Eastern dance styles around the world, and fusion styles also began to emerge. Specific moves are culturally intrinsic to various countries.

The basic movements, however, remain constant to a homogenous style of Middle Eastern Dance, that is globally recognizable. Akasha will lead and guide dancers through the technical nuances of Oriental Dance

We begin with a body safe warm up which will lead into our basic movements:

Basic Egyptian – make your walk count!

Hip movements – Rotation / sacred 8’s / circles / accents and beyond

Shimmies – So easy, even your gran can do it!

Hands, arms, shoulders – strength, suppleness and fluid beauty

Undulations – not just a side movement

Steps, and travelling movements – own your space and be fabulous while you do it!

Spotting and turns – keeping you upright all the way

Diagonals – from Egyptian to undulation

We will finish with a body safe cool down including rotational yoga stretches

“Remember that everything you learn, helps to shape you as a dancer, and true to the spirit of Middle Eastern Dance; to learn from various teachers, is to find the true beat of your own body.”

Studio: Daniel Swanepoel Dance Studio

Address: 65 14th Avenue, Northcliff , Randburg

Cost: R250

Time: 9am – 11am

Duration: 2 hours Level: Beginner / Adv Beginner Props: Veil [ if you have one ]

Bookings: ava@akasha.co.za

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