BAS Basics by Akasha

BAS Basics workshop @ R120

Time: 9h00 – 10h00
Time: 10h30 – 11h30
Time: 12h00 – 1pm

Studio: Daniel Swanepoel Dance Studio

Address: 65 14th Avenue, Northcliff , Randburg


This is an intense, high energy workshop for ALL dance enthusiasts wanting to get out of their selected ‘sandbox’

We work with a heady mix of Oriental / Afro-Brazilian and Rio-style Samba movements, and explore the dance and rhythm dynamics between the different dance styles; how they relate to each other; body visualization and finally how they work together.

Oriental dance has globally recognisable ‘basic’ steps and movement patterns, which, is also found in the dances of North and East Africa / Middle East / Mediterranean. Rich in culture, somewhat steeped in mystery as to it’s origin, this powerful dance with it’s subtle nuances find an instinctive niche within the female shape.

Afro-Brazilian dance was first created by the slaves of Brazil’s colonial era. The mixture of steps and rhythms brought by African slaves, to Brazil/Europe, created a vibrant and colourful mix between the cultures.

Samba – When we think of Samba, we think of feather boas, skimpy outfits and hoards of people dancing down the streets of Rio. Samba styles change from region to region, we will work with Samba Lupe. The beautiful sensual style found in Rio, especially during Carnival time.

By using Afro-Brazilian music [ both drumming only and modern pop mix ] the full potential of this explosive dance comes to light

This is a workshop with a full body workout for ALL LEVELS


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