Veils and Wings of Isis by Akasha

Wings and Veils are not part of Oriental Folklore, or even Classical Oriental dance.

Veils being mainly used for entrances, then casually discarded by the performer.

The Americans perfected the veil and Isis wings into the fine art that it is today. The possibilities are endless when working with these props , and when used correctly, it can add something magical and powerful to a performance.

To prepare the dancers body for veil work , we will focus on body alignment, balance, foot and arm technique. I draw on my years of ballet training for this. We will do simple balancing and strengthening exercises for the arms / upper body / arms and feet.

Students will learn how to expand themselves outward, how to move and work the arms with the body, so that they compliment each other. We will work on turning and spinning techniques, and focus on manipulating the veil to keep from falling over and experiencing dizziness and loss of balance.

Duration: 2 hours Level: All Props: Isis Wings & 2x Veils
Cost: R250

Venue: Pulzation Dance studio, Rabie street, Bromhof


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