Your next function –what’s a belly dancer got to do with it?

Whether it’s a significant birthday celebration, an insignificant birthday celebration, a fundraiser, a company celebration: launch, anniversary, teambuilding, yearend function or networking event, the celebration of a bride-to-be, a mommy-to-be, the celebration of love: engagement or wedding…’s a celebration and why not allow a professional belly dancer to be the highlight of your celebration?

We all love a party, we love eating, drinking and being merry :-), we also love to escape to a different reality at times even if for a short while. Of course there are other ways of doing this, but these alternative ways have been proven to ultimately be very bad for your health. Each one of us has been given one body to take care of and therefore we should do exactly that.

I am a professional belly dancer and have made dancing a part of my life some 12 years ago… I have had the privilege of not only allowing this dance form to change my life but also witnessed this art form change and transform hundreds of people who have come in contact with it. The Middle Eastern dance form is magical for those watching it, for those participating in it and for those doing it. It puts a sparkle in the adoring eyes of little girls loving the glamour, the sparkle and the fabulous outfits, it makes the bellies of more mature woman and men want to try it – get up and dance, have some fun in an unfamiliar and safe way!!

The Arabian Nights theme is by far and large a foreign one, mysterious and unknown to the western society. Add a belly dance performance or two and you have the ultimate key ingredient for a winning recipe and the perfect escape to a different reality. So what’s a belly dancer got to do with your next event?  EVERYTHING!!!

1 thought on “Your next function –what’s a belly dancer got to do with it?

  1. devika naidoo says:

    need a belly dancer for a small function. What is your rate. Where are you located?

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