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Belly Dancing : A Privilege

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I had the privilege to perform and share the stage with some fantastic dancers this past Friday evening at the Samantha Emanuel Tribal Fusion Showcase held at the Promusica Theatre. It is always so inspiring to see, let alone be part of a relatively small dancing community with such passion for this dance form. What is even more exciting is how each individual dancer takes a piece of music and makes it their own. Every dancer seems to interpret their music differently and can truly express themselves accordingly. By watching each and every dancer it is evident that you can take something good from each performance and there is always so much to learn, not one dancer is the same – and I believe this is the BEST part of it!

Although what I am about to write has not at all anything to do with belly dance it is something that I have pondered about all weekend. It so happens that I had to deliver a package to the MDF on Friday. I agreed to do this before I had to be at the theatre for the show on Fri. eve. Due to poor time management, I ended up going to the theatre first and decided to deliver the package either before the show started or during the break. Long story short I quickly disappeared before the show was to start, to deliver this package (it happened to be just around the corner from the theatre). I met up with a man: Pieter Joubert, the Vice-Chairman of the MDF – Gauteng Branch. What an unbelievably well-spoken man, but a man in a wheelchair.

We got chatting and he asked me why I was all dressed up and what the showcase was all about, I gave him a quick brief and hopped in my little car to get back to the theatre. As I drove off I looked in my review mirror and I had to ‘sluk’ down the tears. Why? Not out of pity or shame, but because here I am in the prime of my life, I am healthy – I can walk, I can run and above all, I can dance!!! On Fri. evening I met with a man who is one of many people suffering from muscular dystrophy disease that has never danced and most likely will never know what it feels like to dance. It broke my heart……

At the same time, I suddenly realised how blessed I am to be able to dance and express myself through this special dance form and the music. This surreal experience has made me want to support this foundation through dancing. I have come to the decision that a portion of the funds I earn through my dancing will be given to the MDF – Gauteng, to help them raise funds to support those who desperately need it and to find a cure for this debilitating disease.

I would also like to announce that I will be planning a fund raise charity dance show to raise funds for the MDF and urge everyone in the dance industry to come together to help me organise this.

Please mail me if you would like to participate and help me with this.

Looking forward to your inputs. Happy dancing everyone!