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Tribal Fusion Superstar – November 2010 – Samantha Emanuel

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Soma Fusion Bellydance presents Samantha Emanuel in her November 2010 South African tour!

This talented belly dancing legend will be giving workshops in BOTH Cape Town and Johannesburg during November, so make sure that you don’t miss out.

More information on each of the workshops follows right at the bottom of this post.

Samantha will be giving the following workshops in Cape Town (venue to be announced) :

Elementals: An Introduction
Saturday 20th November 10am – 12:30pm, R420

Creative finger cymbal compositions
Saturday 20th November 1:30pm – 4:00pm, R420

Combinations for improvisation
Sunday 21st November 10am – 12:30pm, R420

Choreography 1
Sunday 21st November 1:30pm – 4:00pm, R420

To register for the CAPE TOWN show download and fax back this registration form.

Over the 27th and 28th of November Samantha will be in Johannesburg for the following :

DANCE ZONE, 2nd Floor (Above Woolworths)
Bryan Park Shopping Centre
Cnr. Grosvenor and Cumberland

Nourish your Roots
Saturday 27th November 10am – 12:30pm, R420

Elementals: An Introduction
Saturday 27th November 1:30pm – 4:00pm, R420

Know your roots 
Sunday 28th November 10am – 12:30pm, R420

Choreography 2 
Sunday 28th November 1:30pm – 4:00pm, R420

To register for the Johannesburg show download and fax back this registration form.

Samantha Emanuel bellydance workshops

More information on each of the workshops :

Creative finger cymbal compositions
For dancers wishing to enhance their finger cymbal skills.
We will use tribal style movement to help us dance with more
confidence as we become proficient in playing various patterns .
The short compostions will be drilled and students encouraged to
create their own movement interpretations utilsing the cymbal
Participants will benefit most if preceded by Lauren Boldt’s License
To Zill Level 1 Workshop

Combinations for improvisation
“Jumping is to soaring as improvisation is to choreography” Lynne Anne Blom
Play with Tribal Style movements through practicing short combinations with varying tempos.
Slow and strong, fast and fluid. Including cues to signal the combination thus enabling the dancer to add it to an improvised group performance piece. Bring a yoga mat and drinking water.

Nourish your Roots
To have a healthy plant you need to encourage its growth at its roots.
A drills class with focus on the upper body carriage so styalstic of Tribal Style Belly Dance.
Hone clean articulation throughout the body whilst striving to project the strength and open frame characteristic of well excecuted Tribal Belly Dance.

Elementals: An Introduction
The art of layering simple movements over one another:  a skill elemental to the Tribal Fusion art form.  Definitely a drills focused class, we will slowly work our way up to layering basic clean controlled movements over one another whilst stationary and traveling. Strengthening techniques for key isolations and drills for honing muscle memory are included.
Bring a Yoga Mat and Water.

Choreography 1
Intermediate/advanced. Previous experience advised.
Samantha fuses her short distinctive combos in an original choreography. Strengthening techniques and drills for these combos will be included, utilizing concepts and inspirations from her Tribal Style training in the USA and past Martial Arts experience in the UK to better support the core and enable isolations of key muscle groups for Tribal Fusion choreography.  Including breakdown of her signature articulated locking technique plus spins turns and twists aplenty.
Bring a Yoga Mat and water

Choreography 2
Samantha fuses her short distinctive combos for this new choreography. Strengthening techniques and drills will be included, utilizing new and old concepts to better support the core and enable isolations of key muscle groups for Tribal Fusion choreography.  This piece flows at a slower tempo enabling participants to really focus on internalizing the movements. Some floor work included. Hone liquefied arms, strong posture and clean technique.
Bring a Yoga Mat and water. If you suffer knee problems please bring knee pads/braces for the floor work.

Know your Roots
Focus on cues and transitions for lead and follow improvisation key to American Tribal Style. This workshop is geared towards beginners in Tribal Style.
Samantha instructs general skills for ATS learned during her certification with mentor Carolena Nerricio. Execute clear transitions and experiment with group formations. Use this simple framework to enjoy the playful creativity unique to ATS improvisation.