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Oriantallia International Bellydance Festival featuring Tamalyn Dallal, Bozenka,Natalie Misplon, Angela Anzilotti and Bianca Jane Pieters

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Bellydance workshop and retreat in ZANZIBAR by Tamalyn Dallal and Bozenka!!

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Tamalyn Dallal presents the first ever

bellydance workshop and retreat in ZANZIBAR!

The most exotic trip you’ll ever take/ workshops by Tamalyn Dallal and Bozenka!

Zanzibar is the melting of cultures between Africa and the Middle East.

Zanzibar is one of the most exotic places in the world.

Zanzibar has amazing music and dance.

Prepaid before February 1, 2011   $800

Prepaid between February 1 and April 15th, 2011    $900

Paid after April 15th, 2011    $1000

One unforgettable week!

Price includes:

7 nights hotel, Four full days of dance classes (total 24 hours of instruction)

Four parties, one film night, a spice tour and a cooking class

Breakfast and dinner every day.

Accommodations in double or triple room in one of Zanzibar’s most beautiful and historic hotels.

Not included in the price:

Lunch, Transportation (airfare and boat) from Egypt to Zanzibar, Tanzanian visa

Photo shoot with Denise Marino in ancient palace ruins

Tamalyn Dallal and Bozenka will teach this one time only bellydance, music and culture retreat from July 5-11, 2011 (conveniently scheduled right after the Ahlan Wasahlan Festival in Cairo, where Tamalyn will be teaching)

– Live music in classes

– Tamalyn Dallal’s technique that has spawned many a famous dancer

– Bozenka’s beautiful workshops!

– Gorgeous, historic hotel

– Great food

– Learn local dances (hip movements like you’ve never seen) taught by Zanzibaris

– Have a photo shoot by Denise Marino in the ruins of a royal palace

– Spice tour and Zanzibari cooking class

– Parties and performances

– Meet local women and dance with them (women’s party)

– Meet the musicians who played on Tamalyn’s CD’s


Leave Cairo the evening of July 4 on Egypt Air, non stop, arriving in Dar Es Salaam the morning of July 5th.


July 5th

AM…Arrive in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Take the boat to Zanzibar, check into the beautiful antique hotel and rest, or walk the romantic winding streets of Zanzibar town.

PM… Welcome dinner/party with taarab musicians, and traditional dances, held on a roof top overlooking Zanzibar town (The most romantic place to see the sunset)


July 6th- 10th

4 days of dance workshops:

Breakfast is included

10am to 1pm:  Tamalyn and Bozenka’s workshops, include finger cymbals and Tamalyn’s special veil classes ( from one to seven), plus the latest “Magic Veils”. These can be worn as clothes, wrapped, unwrapped, snapped together, unsnapped to become multiple veils.

1-2pm: Lunch: On your own- We will provide a map and eating guide, or you can come along with us to our favorite local places.

2-3:30pm: Dance classes with live musicians. Learn how to express and dance to each instrument. Learn to recognize and dance to famous songs of Egypt’s Golden Age, as well as Zanzibari “Bashrafs” (Ottomon inspired instrumentals played with Arabic instruments).

3:30- 4:30pm Local Zanzibari dance class

Evening activities;

*Yummy Zanzibari cooking class * Film night* Women’s party- dance and share with the local women *Sunset cruise with live musicians and delicious food


July 11th

Morning: Photo shoot with Denise Marino in the palace ruins

Afternoon: Spice tour with lunch

Evening: Farewell party/ show. You are welcome to perform.

July 12


– You can stay awhile longer, go to a beach area or simply linger on your own in Zanzibar town, drinking in the sights and sounds. There will be a film festival in full swing during that time.

– You can fly to Arusha (another area of Tanzania) and go on a safari- prior arrangements are a must.

-You may choose to stay in Zanizbar or book a safari in Tanzania or go climbing Mt. Kilamanjaro. Contact; info@zanzibarentacar.com Please note that july is high season in Zanzibar. Hotels are often fully booked. If you wish to stay longer, you will find rooms in town, but they may be expensive or not the same quality as you are staying in during the tour. If you plan to stay extra days, I can give you e mail addresses of recommended hotels. Just tell me your price range.

– You can head home.


Shopping: Swahili inspired bellydance caftans are perfect for performing at Orientalia.

***This is a cultural trip- not only bellydance, but about the rich history, music, dance and food of Zanzibar. It is highly recommended to read about the island, get aaquainted with the music, and culture. Below are resources that will enhance your experience.:
Blog; http://40daysand1001nights.blogspot.com

Music; “Made in Zanzibar” and “40 Days and 1001 Nights”

“Zanzibar, Dance, Trance and Devotion” by Tamalyn Dallal
“40 Days and 1001 Nights” by Tamalyn Dallal

40 Days and 1001 Nights, (Available at www.40daysand1001nights.com), Bi Kidudes life Story, Princess Salme, and Zanzibar cookbook. All available at Memories of Zanzibar or Gallery Bookstore in Zanzibar.



Tamalyn Dallal tamalyndallal@yahoo.com

Denise Marino seicheese@yahoo.com or call (305) 754-1470

Payments made via Paypal on www.tamalyndallal.net or directly through Denise Marino


*This is part of a greater trip, of which you may join any or all of the parts: From June 22-26, right after the Nile Group Festival in Cairo, we will be taking a group into the desert and to the Siwa Oasis (Read about it in “40 Days and 1001 Nights”). Price, $750 (Paid before Feb. 1st), $800 (paid between Feb. 1- April 15), $850 (Paid after April 15).

Then Tamalyn will be teaching at the Ahlan Wasahlan Festival in Cairo (June 27-July 4) and we will be going to Zanzibar immediately afterward.