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Drum Solo Queen Competition

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Drum Solo Competition

Rythms of Raq Belly Dance Festival by The Belly Dance Academy

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In 2014, South Africa will be hosting 2 Master teachers & a famous Singer that will bring immense knowledge to our Belly Dance Community! Please save these dates NOW!!!

Chronis Taxidis, the master percussionist from Greece, will be joining us and teaching workshops on Arabic Rythms and their true meaning, Introducing beginner dancers to a drum solo & how to interpret it. He will also be teaching a zills workshop & Ioanna from The Belly Dance Academy Pretoria (Oriental Invasion) will be teaming up with him to  teach a drum solo choreography that he composed especially for her.
While Chronis is in South Africa he would love to work with any professional Belly Dancers that would like to have their own drum solo composed for them!

Sandra Danse, Master Instructor from France, will be teaching workshops on Classical Oriental Technique (an aspect that is truly neglected in the South African Belly Dance Community), Tarab (her absolute specialty) & Expression of the music through the body.

Jamal, a Lebanese Singer, will also be hosted at the festival to bring a new & exciting, very unique element to the South African Belly Dance Stage.

All three of these European Artists will team up with South Africa’s finest dancers to put together a spectacular showcase with live drumming & singing!

The festival will be hosted in Pretoria. We would like to invite dancers from all over South Africa to join us for this amazing weekend of learning & dance!

There are belly sisters in Pretoria from The Belly Dance Academy willing to host those travelling from far! If any other studios in Pretoria are willing to host please contact Ioanna.

The website is not yet complete, but will be completed by the end of September!

Goddess Divine Festival featuring Kami Liddle & Michelle Joyce + MBDSA 2013‏

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  •  MISS BELLY DANCE SA 2013 COMPETITION Why not also enter the Miss Belly Dance SA competition? Think about it and send us an email if you would like more details. The poster and email blast about the competition will be sent out shortly.
  • GODDESS DIVINE SOUK (MARKET) We will have many vendors selling all their glitzy and sparkly things on the day of the Miss Belly Dance SA competition … from costumes to accessories to DVDs to other fun stuff. Why not take some time out of your day and visit our little market in-between watching the competition.
  •  PERFORMANCE SHOWCASE We will be hosting a performance showcase featuring Kami Liddle and Michelle Joyce alongside some of South Africa’s most dazzling performers.  Should you be interested in performing, please send us and email and we will get back to you.



Kami has studied various dance styles throughout her life, but found her true passion, Belly Dance, when she was 18 years old. She has studied cabaret style belly dance then found Fat Chance Belly Dance Tribal Style. She began to perform as a soloist incorporating other styles into her ATS repertoire such as modern, hip hop, jazz and Bhangra dance. After earning her degree in Art with a Minor in Dance from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2005, she decided to pursue her passion full time and since then has performed and taught in over 20 countries. Kami toured with the Bellydance Superstars for 6 years and was a contributing choreographer as well as the director of the Tribal Superstars. She is based out of San Francisco, CA and currently tours the world as a solo artist and occasionally tours with Beats Antique.



Michelle Joyce started her professional bellydance career while living in Istanbul, Turkey. She studied under Sema Yildiz, the Turkish dance legend, and became the headlining act at The Orient Nightclub in Istanbul in 1998. In 1999, she moved to Australia, where she performed with the Harem Groove Bellydance Troupe in Brisbane. While in Australia, she was recruited to bellydance at an upscale Japanese nightclub. She spent four months living in Nagoya, Japan, performing on a nightly basis. New Year’s Eve 2003 was her infamous performance at the five star Sayaji Hotel in the conservative city of Indore, India, which sparked protests and a riot. Her sold-out show was aired live throughout India.

Michelle has won several bellydance competitions including People’s Choice Bellydance Awards (2004), Star Cabaret Performer (2006), Live Music Soloist (North Valley Competition 2006), and East Coast Classic Champion (2006).

In 2007, she edited and produced her first bellydance performance DVD, By Dancers For Dancers, a collaborative project by local dancers who had decided to stop waiting for someone else to “discover them” and took matters into their own hands. The success of this DVD launched Cheeky Girls Productions, a company that produces and distributes bellydance instructional and performance DVDs internationally. In 2010, she produced the world’s first bellydance reality show, Project Belly Dance. It was distributed online and immediately went viral.

Michelle frequently travels around the world to perform and to teach workshops. Her critically acclaimed line of bellydance instructional DVDs continue to be top sellers worldwide.

Michelle is currently the house bellydancer at several Middle Eastern restaurants and nightclubs in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is an experienced dance teacher and certified personal trainer, and has always been very active in sports, gymnastics and dance. She spent many years doing gymnastics on horseback, for which she has won several national awards. Michelle has a Masters in Counselling, and though she bellydances full-time, she uses her counselling skills to help dancers overcome stage fright and to improve their performance skills.



Kind Regards,

Angela Sanders & Natalie Misplon

Goddess Divine Productions

Mobile: +27 (82) 606 1515

Mobile: +27 (83) 781 2766


 Kami and Michelle Workshop booking form 2013

Balamuc! Gypsy Carnival Extravaganza by Gypsy Rhythms

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We are excited to tell you that we are putting the finishing touches on an amazing show which will prove to be our biggest and best yet!

We have worked hard all year to produce a showcase not yet seen in SA. This production will not only feature our dedicated students performing a variety of styles of bellydance, but also our brand new performance troupe, our dazzling instructors, special guest dancers, aerial silk artists and some crazy circus acts – all guaranteed to keep you entertained.

Early bird ticket sales are open!

For a limited time you will be able to buy tickets through us, and from the 15th December they can be purchased via the Barnyard website.

Join us for another exciting Gypsy experience!Book now!

Saturday 16th February 2013

Barnyard Theatre, Cresta

18:30 for 19:00

Tickets from R185pp

The Art and Science of Middle Eastern Dancing

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I have had the pleasure of meeting a vast variety of Middle Eastern dancers throughout my dancing career.  Many of whom are technically brilliant yet lacking emotion, while others are captivating in every way. I think what makes this dance form unique in every sense of the word is the uniqueness of each dancer; the uniqueness of each interpretation of the music and of course the delivery of the emotion through the dance. Not one dancer is the same, not one costume is the same; yet we are all “moved” by one powerful aspect: the Music.

In April this year the opportunity presented itself for me to attend some workshops with local extraordinaire, Ava van Aarde, the fabulous internationally acclaimed Turbo Tabla native Egyptian drummer, Karim Nagi and the legendary dancer of ALL dancers, Bozenka.

All three artists have such a passion for what they do and seeing them in action is such an inspiration. I think the most profound ‘lesson’ I took from these memorable experiences was that dancing is not just about the melody but the emotion.  Melody brings about movement and most importantly: Emotion. Certain instruments for example the accordion in a baladi taqsim and certain melodies/rhythms for example the Saba convey a specific emotion.  To dance to a melody and simultaneously portray the emotions of the music to your audience are the key elements that differentiates a good dancer from a great dancer.

The challenge for western dancers like myself is to shift our focus from being mechanically perfect and technically correct but rather to embrace the nuances of expressive imperfection. It is this challenge that makes belly dancing an art form and not a science.

** Therein lies the reason why we keep coming back for more**

Tribal Fusion Workshops with Kash Athanatos in Johannesburg

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These workshops are filling up quickly!

 Tribal Fusion Workshops


Kash Athanatos in Johannesburg

Tribal Angels are delighted to be hosting the phenomenal Kash Athanatos of rhythm Nouveau Dance company in July during the weekend of Tribalation. Kash will be flying up to Jo’burg not only to teach a weekend of tribal fusion workshops, but also to perform at Tribalation along side many other fabulous South African Tribal Dancers.

Workshop descriptions:


Date: Saturday 21st July

Time: 10am – 12:00pm

Price: R 290, 00

Yoga based warm-up, followed by a comprehensive breakdown of movements aiding in getting to know your arms, shoulders and stomach muscles. We explore the basic Tribal Belly Dance fundamental structures, snake-like moves and get everybody up and moving, ending with a short combination which the dancer can go back and use in own choreographic drafting. This is a good introductory workshop for all levels, and which deals with building relations to the key muscle groups used in tribal fusion to accomplish controlled, isolated and strong movement, utilizing conditioning and drills. Technique points such as posture and interior versus exterior moves as well as various turns/spins will also be dealt with.

Level: Suitable for All Levels


Date: Saturday 21st July

Time: 12:45pm – 2:45pm

Price: R 290,00

This workshop will use specific hip hop/contemporary based exercises to strengthen the core muscles necessary for backbends, belly rolls, and tight hip work. Will work on smooth transitions from move to move as well as those infamous foot patterns and level changes we tend to shy away from. We will go over lots of pop-lock technique, as well as fluidity of movement, stressing on posture and upper body awareness leading up to the unification the two.

Level: Suitable for All Levels


Date: Sunday 22nd July

Time: 10am – 12:00pm

Price: R 290, 00

Is hitting choreography-blocks leaving you despondent? Learn some quick and easy formulae that can add value to your performance. Concepts will be fully broken down into sections so that the dancer is able to get a real understanding of the mechanisms behind them. This is excellent for those wanting to enrich improvisational group performances.

Level: Intermediate – Advanced


Date: Sunday 22nd July

Time: 12:45pm – 2:45pm

Price: R 290, 00

A choreo-based workshop, blending basic belly dance moves with contemporary inspired flow. Great for those wanting to add a bit of zest to their daily dance practice. Be prepared to do some floor work, so bring knee pads.

Level: Beginner Intermediate – Advanced (Previous Experience necessary)

About Kash:

Kash Athanatos, owner of Rhythm Nouveau Dance Company based in Cape Town, experimented with various dance styles throughout her life, but found her true passion, Belly Dance, in 2006. She started with Cabaret, before finding her niche with Tribal Fusion.

Performance and the arts have been a lifelong passion for Kash and started exploring the Middle Eastern Dance Form in 2006, being taken under the wings of Kirsten Metcalf and Marissa Cuenoud van Minnen, founding members of Soma. In 2007, she started teaching her own unique way of approach to Tribal Fusion Belly Dance under the SOMA flag for 4 years. In 2011, her vision became a reality when she started the Rhythm Nouveau Dance Company.

Since discovering her passion, Kash has trained with some of the most famed belly dancers around the globe, including Rachel Brice (US), Sharon Kihara (US), Samantha Emmanuel (UK) and Ansuya (US) of Belly Dance Super Star fame, Tjarda of The Uzume fame (Amsterdam), Matthias Lauwers (Belgium), Silvia Salamanca (US/Spain), Maya Goarry (Italy), Pablo Acosta (Argentina) Danisa (Argentina), as well as Kimberley Mackoy (Britian), Philipa Moirai ATS (UK), Nix ATS (UK), Noelle of East Coast Tribal (USA) and Yasmina (Cairo).

Kash has performed at many local, national and international events, including performing for the Prince of Morroco in Seychelles and appearing in the award winning music video, Ba Ni Kidi (West Africa).

In addition to teaching and performing on the Tribal Fusion front, Kash also forms part of the Onpointe Performance Group, under the leadership of Theo Ndindwa and Tanya Arshamian, Owners and Executive Directors of the Ikapa Contemporary Dance Company.

As a performer, she continues to expand her knowledge of the dance form attending as many local and international workshops as she can, recently returning from Holland. As an instructor, she strives to involve, challenge, and inspire growth in her students. It is her belief that every student is capable of recognizing her same passion for this ancient, yet evolving dance form.

 These workshops are filling up quickly!

 Please email Heather at: to book and register.

 Workshops are R 290,00 each

Venue: Berario Recreation Centre. Near to Cresta Shopping Centre.

To secure bookings, all registrations and payments must be in by Monday 16th July 2012

Tribal Angels Students get a 10% discount when they book all four workshops = R1044, 00

(TABD student discount is valid until 1st July only!)


Donna Mejia Performance Showcase by Soma Fushion Bellydance Company

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Theatrical Belly Dance Extravaganza CPT

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Raks Bootcamp KZN by Akasha

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Scarab’esque Chapter IV – A Platform for Alternative Belly Dance

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